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Live Room Instructions

Congratulations on your registration to attend the “live room” (in-person) for the upcoming weekend intensive!

For this event we’ll be using Brent’s home at 11250 Pentland Downs St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141.

It is important that you review and accept the live room instructions and requirements, as described below. If you are uncomfortable with any of the requirements, or think any of them might be a problem for you for any reason, please email to switch to ONLINE attendance.

If you switch from LIVE to ONLINE attendance at any time before the event begins (typically on Friday at 5PM Pacific Time), any extra fee you paid specifically to attend in the live room will be 100% refunded back to you, and you can instead attend the event ONLINE.  Note that this offer of a refund applies only to any extra fees (typically $200) specifically for live room attendance, not to the event registration.


It is important that you arrive on time, both for your own benefit (you don’t want to miss anything!) and for the benefit of the group (late arrivals are disruptive!) Similarly, it is expected that all live room attendees will stay until the end of each day (and not to leave early unless given permission in advance by the teacher).

Please plan on arriving by 4:30PM (30 minutes early) only on the first day (Friday) of the live event so that we can cover the live room protocols and host a short live room “meet and greet” with Brent and his assistants.

For the rest of the weekend, please plan on arriving at least 5 minutes ahead of the start of the live sessions (both in the morning and after lunch.) As they do at theaters and some sporting events, if you arrive late you may need to wait for a break in the program before you join us to avoid disrupting the group.

Doors will open each day 30 minutes ahead of the published start time for the event (start times are typically 5PM Pacific Time on Friday, and 9AM Pacific Time on Saturday and Sunday.) If you arrive more than 30 minutes early, please wait before knocking, ringing, or calling; you might instead go to a nearby restaurant or coffee shop!

If it will be difficult or impossible for you to guarantee arriving or leaving on time, you need to transfer to instead attend ONLINE, where you can freely join the sessions late and/or leave early, at your convenience.


Most people find it easiest to use a taxi or ride-sharing service (Uber, Lyft, etc.), especially if you are flying in from out of town.

If you are driving yourself, please note that our homeowner’s association does not allow us to have more than two guests park their cars on the street in the neighborhood (and those two spots are given to the class assistants). Instead, you can park close by at <ADDRESS????> near <BUSINESS???> and walk over through the park. It is a short (approximately 3-4 minutes) walk from there to the home.

On Friday, we’ll have an assistant there to meet you in front of <BUSINESS???> and walk you over in two groups: the first group at 4:15PM, and the second group at 4:30PM. If you arrive after 4:30PM, you may need to call an assistant and/or wait for the next break to join us.

If you do drive and park, please do not park right in front of a business! It’s a big lot, and it would be rude to take up a parking space right in front of a business all day. As anyone who has worked at a job in a strip mall or grocery store knows, they tell you to leave the spots in front for customers to use. Thank you for your consideration for others! 🙂



The location is in a gated community, and if you are taking a ride-share service you’ll need to come in through the main guard gate. Please tell them you are joining the meditation group at the Phillips home (address above) and they will let you in.

Note that some navigation systems will direct you to a gate without a guard along ???, where it is impossible to enter without a remote control. If this happens, please just drive around to the opposite side of the neighborhood until you see the guard gate, which is located at the cross streets of ??? and ???.

Once you come in through the main guard gate, make an immediate right at the traffic circle, and then a left on ????. You’ll go about a quarter mile through the neighborhood until the road bends to the left at ????; you should see small park on your right. Follow the road to the left and we’re the ??? home on the right side of the street after the park.

Please do not try to park in the neighborhood; security is extremely strict, and you will be ticketed (and maybe towed) if you try. If you are driving yourself and need to park, please instead see the PARKING instructions above!

If this is too confusing or complicated, you can ask for your ride share to drop you off at the parking lot above, and walk over through the park with the group.



To protect the health and safety of all participants and staff and their families, nobody who shows any symptoms of illness, nor anyone who might have been recently exposed to contagious illness, will be allowed in the live room.

If you have any ANY symptoms of illness in the 72 hours before the event – including but not limited to a fever, cough, sneezing, headaches, fatigue, aches or pains, etc. – you may not join the live room, but instead you can join us ONLINE.

If you display any symptoms of illness, or if you might have been exposed to any contagious illness in the past 14 days, you will be asked to leave the live room immediately (this is non-negotiable).

Please understand that we need to protect everyone’s health by erring on the side of caution, which means we can’t have anyone in the live room that exhibits any symptoms of what might possibly be a contagious disease, even if it can be fully explained by a non-contagious issue; instead you need to transfer to attend ONLINE.

Additionally, you will need to go up and down stairs. If you have any injuries or mobility issues or require special accommodations, you need to instead transfer to attend ONLINE.



We will provide snacks and beverages for the group!

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, with a few guidelines:

  • All drinks except plain water must be kept in a screw-cap or other kind of spill-proof bottle or container, or be left in the kitchen.
  • Please do not bring any food that has a strong smell, as there may be people in the room who have sensitivities.
  • It is recommended that you do not bring any food or drinks that require refrigeration, as there is limited space in the refrigerator and we may not be able to accommodate you.
  • Please avoid the provided snacks and drinks if you have any kind of food allergies or sensitivities, as they are typically purchased at a store or provided by a caterer, and we can not guarantee nor control the ingredients.



Please do not wear any kind of scents, perfumes, colognes, aftershave, chemical body sprays, etc., as there may be people in the room who suffer from chemical sensitivity.

On the flip side, we’ll do our best to keep the live room scent and chemical free, but if you suffer from chemical sensitivity it is strongly recommended that you instead transfer to attend ONLINE.



We do have animals (cats), so if you suffer from pet allergies or don’t want to be around animals for whatever reason, you need to instead transfer to attend ONLINE.



In Las Vegas it gets extremely hot in the summer, and really cold in the winter! If you are in fragile or ill health, or if going up and down stairs or walking outside might cause you any pain or risk of injury or other problems, or if you might be in any danger or discomfort from hot or cold weather, you need to instead transfer to attend ONLINE.



You will be required to sign a video waiver, an activity waiver, and a COVID-19 waiver before joining the live room. If you don’t want to sign any of these for any reason, you can instead transfer to attend ONLINE.

We’ll provide printed copies for you at the event, but if you want to review them, or if you prefer to print and sign them ahead of time, click here to download the video releaseclick here to download the COVID waiver, and/or click here to download the activity waiver.



Below we have published a roster of the names and phone numbers of the live room assistants. If you have an urgent problem you can call or text them:


Please do not call or email Brent directly during the event unless he specifically asks you to, as he will be extremely busy teaching and running the event (including break times and before/after class) and may not be able to get back to you promptly. If you need help right away, please call or text an assistant; for everything else, the best thing is just email support@awakeningdynamics! 🙂